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Do you like spooky tales?

Do you love to laugh?

Are you, or have you ever met, a haunted doll?

If so, you are in the right place!

ALISON VIKTOR is an antique toy dealer and master of humorous horror fiction! Drawing on her vast experience of all things weird, she has written for international magazines, appeared on television shows and written books about her spooky finds. She has sold hundreds of props to movies studios all over Hollywood and has helped tens of thousands of people locate their long lost childhood objects.

Alison began writing stories in order to scare her cousins and friends. Later, she wrote them to impress boys. Now she likes to share them with you!

When Alison isn't working on her spooky books, she's probably playing guitar, singing, petting a cat, adventuring with her family or cornering someone into a philosophy discussion. She lives in Utah at the base of a mountain teeming with evil deer.

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